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Meet Ujwal - Creator of this Blog

Meet me - all about Ujwal

Hola folks! I’m Ujwal from Visakhapatnam - popularly known as the city of destiny, is located on the southeast coast of India. I recently graduated from Andhra University - one of India’s premier institutes & also, the first general university to get the ISO 9001 accreditation with a bachelor's degree in Mechanical engineering. I'm now pursuing my master's in Germany (checkout my feature article in the 'The Hindu' newspaper).

Ujwal's article in The Hindu newspaper
Article in The Hindu national newspaper

My most desired & cherished achievements to date (in chronology) are:

1. Getting an admit from IED (Istituto Europeo di Design), one of internationally renowned Car Design schools located in the design capital of the world - Turin, Italy to pursue a Masters in Transportation design.

2. Getting an admit from Oxford Brookes, Oxford - internationally renowned university endorsed by F1 champions viz. Fernando Alonso, located in the Motorsports capital of the world - the UK to pursue a Masters in Motorsport engineering.

3. Got an All India Rank - 20 (XX) at the entrance test of the premier research center - Automobile Research Association of India (ARAI), Ministry of Industries, Government of India.

I’m a self-taught jack of many trades. I love Motorsports, especially Formula 1. In fact, I'm a true-blue auto buff. I indulge myself in creative works and I enjoy drawing / painting & photography. Professionally, I work on a range of domains and offer freelance services in Business consulting, Content strategy, Design, 3D modeling, robotics and D.I.Y.

Back in the day, when I was 16, I curated the blog “WebMasters Software,” a highly successful blog with a focus on tech news / updates, PC software, consumer gadgets, web apps, online tutorials and services. I started Webmasters Software in 2008 which was a result of Internet and technology addiction. The blog had a Google PageRank 2 & featured on the list of 'Top 50 Open Source Blogs' on the web by "Guide to Computer Training". The blog is now shutdown.

I'm an active student and take part in various national & international competitions, winning most of them. I was the preferred person of my department to host and conduct all the seminars, workshops and conferences. I was also elected as the Chief Coordinator cum Technical head of the Mechanical, Marine and Metallurgy departments for the first national technical fest of Andhra University.

Apart from extracurriculars, I spend and spent most of free time curating and ideating technologically advanced concepts and theories. I was also selected to present my ideas, theories and models at the IITs & NITs. 

When I was in the senior year of my bachelor's course, I was deeply moved by the disparities in the skill set of my peers and that of the student body in general. One big issue that I noticed was unemployment. Industry reports say that 5 Million students graduate in India every year and yet only ~15% of them are hireable. This fact hitched me to the extent that I shifted my power and focus to better understand the hiccups leading to this pandemic. I envisioned a medium for tomorrow's workforce to conquer their anxieties, fears and train themselves to master the odds. Hence, I brainstormed and created a solution which culminated into an exciting & much-awaited venture christened - U&U. U&U has been lauded by the industry and and has caught the attention of leading Venture Capitalists and influencers. It was adjudged one of the best ideas at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

Apart from this serious stuff, I enjoy crafts esp. paper modelling, collecting car & bike replicas (I'm a fan of AutoArt & Maisto), coding, tinkering and internet research. I started creating 3D realistic paper models when I was 13. I guess, this hobby of mine has kept my creative juices flowing apart from dexterity and the ability to look at the whole picture complete with minute detailing right in my mind. Some of my crafts include the following: Auto-Rickshaw, Sports bike, Formula 1 car, fighter planes (four in total), Tiger, Guitar, Desktop PC, Tractor, a big Pendulum Clock, etc. Currently, I'm working on crafting my magnum opus scale model of the RMS Titanic which is 4.5 feet in length.

Update: Right now, I'm working on my first e-book. Details about the genre to be shared soon and maybe once I publish the e-book, I'll share my journey (and some tips) with you. Stay tuned!

P.S: Admits to other premier universities like Cranfield, Coventry, BITS Pilani, etc weren't mentioned as they were not on my wishlist of things to be achieved, though I cherish the achievements.